Welcome to the IEC Apprenticeship Application Landing Page

You MUST be employed by a CenTex IEC Electrical Contractor Member before you can attend apprenticeship classes!

If an applicant for Apprenticeship is not employed by an electrical contractor member of the CenTex IEC, he/she MUST complete an employment application at the chapter office. Employment is NOT guaranteed. If a contractor member of the CenTex IEC hires the applicant, then the applicant shall be eligible for entrance into the apprenticeship program.

Click on each of the items below, one at a time. READ the first three items carefully. Then FILL OUT and SUBMIT each of the three forms and UPLOAD all of the required documents.

You don’t have to complete this entire process at one time. You can submit some forms now and return later to complete other forms and/or upload your documents. All online forms and documents will be submitted directly to IEC’s server, and you will receive an email confirmation when you complete each form so you can keep track of what you have completed. This system is secure with 128-bit TLS (SSL) security, and your information will be transmitted to the IEC office.

NOTICE: CenTex IEC will NOT begin to process your application until all forms have been submitted and all documents have been uploaded.

Step 1: To apply for Apprenticeship with CenTex IEC, you must READ and UNDERSTAND the following:

  2. The JOB DESCRIPTION document for the IEC Apprenticeship Program.

Step 2: After you have read the above documents, you must COMPLETE and SUBMIT the following three forms:
(each form will open in a new window, forms are not compatible with mobile devices):

Step 3: You must also UPLOAD or (EMAIL, if uploading is not available) the following documentation:

When you have received each confirmation email, one for each of the above forms, and you have uploaded the required documents, you are finished with the online application process.

If uploading is not available, you can email a photo of your documents to register@centexiec.com.

You will be contacted by email after all forms and documents have been submitted and they have been reviewed by the IEC.


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